NO2-Max : For Power Packed Performance

The supplement market is filled with various formulations claiming the no 1 position for body building, extra muscle, increased testosterone and the like. What really remains to be seen if how do you separate the genuine natural supplements from the ones hiding a chemical or synthetic hormone that actually dos the work but also produces ill effects in the bargain.

No2 max, is projected as an all round healthy supplement guaranteed to boost muscle build due to its unique formula. How this works and what are the advantages and disadvantages will be discussed briefly.

Healthy living and great well toned bodies is what most people strive for. However the fast pace of our working lives doesn’t really provide an opportunity to get that 4 hour workout we need in a gym everyday. Athletes too are faced with several problems which require physiological assistance to get maximum benefit out of workouts. Strenuous sessions at the gym ultimately lead to overturn, and fatigue. What is really need is a natural occurring element that can actually provide all of the benefits of a steroid but produce none of its bad side effects that come along with the package.

NO2-MaxNo2 Max widely accepted as such an alternative being formulated from naturally occurring ingredients that are proven to aid in muscle building and overall health benefits.no2 max increases metabolism in the body t produce increased effects of fat burn and energy release. Metabolism as we all now oxidizes the food in our body, is responsible for protein synthesis, and converts stored fat to release energy. So in effect one of the reasons to take NO2 max is that it helps you to derive the ultimate benefits of your regular workout to produce startling results.

There are added benefits to NO 2 Max that also improves libido thus resulting in a satisfying sex life. Howver what are the ingredients of NO2 Max and how they can be utilized in beneficial ways to promote a better body is what we need to study.

Composition of NO2 Max

L-Arginine. An amino acid active naturally in the human body. Arginine’s main function is synthesisng Nitric Oxide which promotes better blood flow to the body. It is also responsible for healthy cell division and aids in wound healing and regeneration of damaged tissue, releases beneficial hormones that can help in boosting muscle and also increases and maintains immunity. Arginine is what gives NO2 max its name as NO2 is the formula representing Nitric oxide, with Argininne there is an increase of energy strength and powerful stamina.

Citrulline Malate- Citrulline Malate gets his genetic name from citrullus another name for watermelon. As such citrulline is an active amino acid also found in watermelon rind. It is also responsible for Nitric oxide production in the body, and promotes vasodilatation of blood vessels and muscles. Citrulline is primary responsible in NO2 Max for easing the fatigue out of muscles and providing muscles more strength to endure workouts.

NO2 max is taken orally where the prescribed dosage is 2 to 3 tablets a day. Results are observed quite fast due to the power based formula of two potent amino acids acting together to produce all of the benefits of their reactions. Both arginine and citrulline play important roles for the production of nitric oxide.

Functions of NO2-Max

  • Boosts Nitric oxide
  • Vasodilates and relaxes muscles
  • Improves blood flow to muscles and erectile organs
  • Workout recovery is faster
  • Assists in muscle repair from strains and sprains
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • All round power booster

The power packed formulation of NO2 Max provides ultimate benefits for your body building routine where it helps you increase the tempo and duration of workouts with no effects of tiredness and fatigue. Muscles are stronger to endure the most strenuous of sessions ultimately resulting in lean muscle growth. For Non bodybuilders wanting that great figure and general health, NO2 Max due to its properties of improved blood flow, more oxygen is transported to an organ which increases libido and your sexual performance. Increased blood flow to the penile area leads to better erections and increased sex drive. This is especially beneficial for those suffering from erectile dysfunction or loss of libido due to physiological stress related problems.

Consuming NO2 Max transports not only more oxygen but also blood glucose to muscles. This helps in reducing the constant tired effects of fatigue and general debility. Even a usual workout every day will help you gain benefits of NO2 Max as your workouts will be more quality and power based to build upon muscle effectively.

Are There Any Disadvantages To NO2 Max

It has been clearly seen that NO2 Max is a complete natural formula from natural existing amino acids. Thus the essential reaction of NO2 max is that it helps stimulate and increase the functions and benefits of these ingredients to double their power in the body. There are many people who due to various problems have a reduced level of these elements in the body leading to ill health and various diseases. NO2 Max helps supplement the levels required for overall total health. Thus there are no possible disadvantages of NO2 max as it is a not steroid or chemical based formulation.NO2 Max is easily available online. It is not only perfectly safe for consumption according to the prescribed dosage but also legal.

Taking NO2 Max within the proscribed dosage will yield the best results in a month. However one should also commit to a health workout in the gym to help the supplement act faster and produce even better results.

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Where to buy NO2 Max

No2 Max is available only on the internet and only through a free trial offer.  You order a month’s supply and pay only shipping costs up front.  If you don’t cancel shortly after ordering, you will be charged $70 or so and enrolled into a monthly shipping and payment program.  These kinds of deals are notorious for being very difficult to get out of once they begin.